Snap Inc launches Spectacles V2, in an effort to retain its individuality

Andy Boxall | April 27, 2018

App Business

Snap Inc. has launched a new version of its camera-equipped Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a camera in one of the arms, which shoots video and takes stills ready to share on the social network.

Spectacles V2 are the successor to the viral hit original Spectacles launched more than a year ago. Although they received considerable hype at first, they soon became forgotten. Many of the issues surrounding the first versions have been fixed in version 2.

For example, the design is similar but more refined, while the colors available are simpler and more stylish. The case, which doubles as an on-the-move charger, has got smaller, and the camera now shoots both video and still images.

However, Spectacles still operate best with Snapchat, and aren’t designed to share content on other social networks. No other platform offers hardware like this, and when Snapchat’s new features are regularly copied by competitors, Spectacles ensure it retains its individuality.

In the United States, Spectacles V2 can be ordered with prescription lenses through a third-party supplier, but are otherwise only sold through Snap’s website. They new Spectacles V2 cost $150 and are on sale now in the US, the UK, Canada, and France. Other regions will soon follow.

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