Snap Inc. launches self-serve Ad Manager with Mobile Dashboard

Snap Inc. is finally ready to target smaller businesses and has unveiled its self-serve Ad Manager for video Snap Ads and geofilters. The company has also rolled out a Mobile Dashboard for advertisers to track their campaigns from their phones. In addition, the Business Manager lets advertisers configure roles and permissions for team members, change billing and oversee various ad accounts.
Up until now, Snap Ads had only been available through the Snap Inc. sales team or third-party services which add an additional fee.
The Ad Manager lets businesses buy and manage their campaigns. It also includes tools to view campaign reports for Snap Ads and optimise targeting capabilities, goal-based bidding as well as video creative or audience lists.
The self-serve platform is still being tested by around 20 select businesses, and will be available from June to US, UK, Canadia, French, German, Australian and other regions. Some agencies have already commented on ease of use and the little training it requires to start using Snap’s self-serve Ad Manager. That should make it even more appealing to businesses and brands to start using.

Snap Inc. is currently being closely monitored, given its recent IPO and growing competition from Instagram and Facebook which resulted in a dip in user growth. The app’s share recently declined 1.2% following Instagram’s announcement of reaching 200 million daily users for its Stories clone. Snap Inc. will present earnings this week.
Brian Cristiano, CEO of ad agency Bold Worldwide, explained:

“With Facebook, we have seen the most significant ROI when using custom audiences and lookalike modeling. If Snapchat even comes in a close second in their ability to do lookalike modeling, this could be very powerful, because now I can take existing client data, segment and target those customers and then find other people that look similar.”

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