Smartphones are the most popular second screens when watching TV

Smartphones are the most popular devices people are using whilst watching TV, according to research publishing by video ad company YuMe. The study, commissioned with Nielsen, highlights just how much smart TV ownership has grown over the last few years.
Indeed, smart TV ownership almost doubled since 2013. The average household now owns three CTC devices. These are now more common than tablets. Whilst 60% of households own a CTC device, 57% own a tablet.
The survey among 2,410 adults in the US also found that smartphone usage as a second screen had risen from 49% in 2013 to 51% by 2017.
Among the most common activities on smartphones are messaging activities (77%), followed by using the Internet (66%). However watching videos and listening to music now make up 50% each as the most common activities on smartphones per week. Shopping and playing games scored slightly lower.

There appears to be strong generational divide in terms of second screen device usage. Whilst Boomers and Generation X clearly prefer laptops, Millennials are tied for their preference of laptop and smartphones.

When it comes to video viewing, less is more on smartphones. The majority of respondents still appear to prefer shorter videos (44%) compared to movies or TV shows (19%).

“We believe CTV devices have become prominent fixtures in the lives of today’s connected consumer,” said Michael Hudes, Chief Revenue Officer, YuMe. “To reach and influence connected consumers, marketers must take into account shifts in device preference and behavior, elevate the role of CTV in cross-screen campaigns, deliver targeted ad campaigns and sync campaigns across platforms.”

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