Smadex is on a mission to improve mobile advertising Brand Safety

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Posted: May 2, 2019

One of the biggest issues facing mobile advertisers has been the industry’s lag in regulation and oversight. Everyone wants to tap the massive engaged audiences in mobile apps, but not if it means giving up the ability to control where their ads are shown. And 60% of marketers recently polled by GumGum and Digiday Media say they still view Brand Safety as a major concern for 2019.

Although the concern is high, it is much less than the previous year, in part because of the increasing reliance on third-party monitoring and verification entities. These objective measuring bodies help to identify the best performing and highest quality products and establish standards. JICWEBS is the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards and has become a critical beacon of insight for the industry.

After a recent voluntary submission and audit process, Smadex was reviewed by ABC and certified by the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) to comply with the Good Practices and Principles for Brand Safety.

Smadex is the mobile-first Demand Side Platform utilized by the mobile app growth experts at Headway for performance and branding mobile campaigns. The leadership behind the DSP technology have been strong advocates for transparency and quality assessment in the industry and have rigorously pursued audits, integrations, and partnerships. Through their efforts, they have pursued prestigious compliance recognition, partnered with leading technologies and equipped the platform with the most advanced Brand Safety features.

Smadex has integrated with the Brand Safety solutions used by large media agencies and advertisers, including; IAS (Integral Ad Science) and MOAT. Smadex can also run Double Verify blocking tags, and fully supports Ads.txt programmatic trading for mobile site buys.

Paul Childs, Chief Revenue Officer at Smadex commented on the recent certification announcement, “Smadex is fully committed to building technology and processes that address Brand Safety, ad fraud and viewability. We are working with both the trade and regularity industry bodies including JICWEBS on achieving certifications so that we can continue to push ahead and raise the bar for greater transparency and brand safety for our customers.”

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