Smaato launches new Demand Platform for optimised mobile ad traffic for demand partners

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Mobile advertising platform, Smaato, today announced a significant expansion of its mobile monetization solutions in form of a new demand side platform. The Smaato Demand Platform (SDX) aims to optimize mobile ad traffic for demand partners. It utilizes traffic targeting tools for precision, control and flexibility and reduces operational waste for demand partners across mobile ad campaigns.
Smaato rolls out new SDX
Smaato says the solution aims to fill the gap for advertisers and demand-side partners to manage their mobile ad inventory by segmenting and optimizing mobile traffic.
The SDX features targeting functions and QPS throttling tools. In addition, clients can filter and target publishers based on prior campaign performance.
Potentially, this has a net effect on the amount of waste in mobile advertising for demand partners.
Ragnar Kruse, CEO and Co-founder, Smaato, explains:
ragnar kruse

“With the introduction of SDX, Smaato can now proudly say we offer the industry’s most comprehensive, robust mobile advertising solutions for both the demand and supply side of the ecosystem. We carefully considered the pain points of our demand partners and believe that SDX is an important step toward giving our partners control over the traffic they receive to target the premium mobile inventory most relevant to their campaigns.”

Those who have been able to test ride the SDX have found the flexibility and control over mobile ad traffic beneficial. Adelphic, the mobile and cross-channel programmatic ad platform, is one such early adopter. The company says it tested the SDX in late May and noted improvements quickly in the form of more relevant mobile ad traffic.
Julie Tagliamonte, Director of Supply Partnerships, Adelphic, says:

“There’s simply no other solution on the market like Smaato’s SDX, and it’s become a go-to platform for optimizing mobile advertising campaigns.”

Smaato, which works with over 90,000 app developers and publishers, serving 10bn ads each day to reach on billion unique mobile users per month, also provides a Publisher Platform (SPX) on the supply side. This includes a free publisher ad server and RTB mobile ad exchange, integrated network mediation, support for direct-sold as well as private exchange deals and dynamic demand technology.

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