Smaato launches native advertising builder for mobile publishers

Anne Freier | September 18, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Smaato, the RTB-exchange platform and ad server, this week announced new features for its SPX platform, including a “point and click” native advertising builder for mobile publishers and developers. The platform now includes a native advertising builder and a private marketplace.
Smaato launches new SPX platform
Publishers already familiar with Smaato can now benefit from tools to build native ad campaigns in various formats and sizes, matching their products and audiences. In addition to being able to design their ads, Smaato now also enables publishers how to sell them. With its private marketplace functionality, advertisers can assign inventory to a certain number of programmatic buyers to compete for impressions in a private auction. They are able to select a preferred deal buying model whereby publishers set up a first-look, fixed price, pre-auction deal for a particular buyer.
Smaato also expanded its Dynamic Demand from three to four components. Dynamic Demand is a real-time programmatic feature to compete for the highest eCPMs for publishers. It now chooses an ad source based on:

    1. Direct campaigns
    2. Smaato’s RTB exchange and ad network mediation
    3. Publisher-owned ad networks
    4. Private Marketplace

The company adds that it is also improving the way video ad buying becomes programmatic by certifying VAST-compliant video inventory and allowing it to be monetised via private exchanges or in the open market.

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