Smaato introduces SPX, a free publisher ad server designed for mobile

Real-time bidding ad exchange Smaato has announced a new product named the Smaato Publisher Platform, also known as SPX. This free, publisher ad server built specifically for mobile has been designed to assist developers in attracting advertisers, by offering real-time consumer data for their apps, and connecting them through Smaato’s RTB ad exchange.
The SPX platform has a user-friendly dashboard and interface, and provides publishers with complete control over pricing and targeting. Smaato calls SPX a “complete solution for global mobile monetization,” and states it connects publishers with nearly 400 demand sources around the world.
Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato, said:

“Advertisers are thirsty for more relevant ways to engage wit their consumers who are spending more than 50% of their Internet usage time on mobile devices. Mobile app developers and publishers seek to monetize their applications based on content, context and formats, while keeping control of user experience and content that made them successful in the first place. Smaato’s SPX platform allows for both, providing developers and publishers with the ability to automate advertising revenue and deliver targeted information about products and services.”

All direct and indirect buying models can be managed through Smaato’s SPX platform, and a Dynamic Demand feature searches out the best demand source based on real-time impression data. Additionally, Smaato doesn’t charge ad serving fees on the SPX platform. Visit Smaato’s profile to learn more about the company.

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