Smaato connects app publishers with independent API for easy app monetisation

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Smaato, the real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers, has rolled out a new enhancement to its SPX publisher platform that combines mobile, native and programmatic features. Now, mobile publishers and developers will be able to monetise their products and sites through a simplified API.
Smaato expands SPX platform to offer API access
Publishers will be able to tap into all the important SPX functions, SPX API as well as Reporting API to monetise their apps and connect their own internal Content Management Systems or enterprise apps. That makes for a more seamless integration of Smaato into the app development and monetisation process.
Ragnar Kruse, CEO and Co-founder, Smaato, says:
ragnar kruse

“Global monetarization of mobile apps is a 24/7 business that needs automation to succeed at scale. At Smaato, we focus on building the right features and tools to help publishers automate, save time and earn more money through mobile advertising. We understand that large publishers need more integrated solutions. That’s why we’re opening up access to our platform via an API – allowing our customers to integrate SPX into their enterprise solution.”

What the new SPX API offers is additional control over mobile advertising strategies, but developers can also change features such as floor prices or pause line items from within their CMS or internal system.
The Smaato publisher ad service (SPX) as part of its mobile platform is free. The company also offers global RTB demand and integrated network mediation, support for direct-sold and private exchange deals and dynamic demand technology to ensure impressions are equal across all types of demand.
The company currently serves 10bn ads daily and reaches a billion unique mobile devices per month. Across its platform, it works with 90,000 app developers and publishers.