Slow mobile app speeds in APAC could hamper conversions

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 25, 2019

With the majority of consumers in the APAC region now going online using their mobile devices, their expectations of suitable load times have grown.

According to a Google study carried out by Accenture Interactive among 700 of the top visited sites across 12 APAC countries, 53% of mobile visits get abandoned if load times exceed three seconds.

Therefore, brands risk missing out on market opportunities and reaching customers.

Average load times were the fastest in China at 5.4 seconds, whilst Japan ranked last with 10.3 seconds. The study found that conversions dropped 20% for every second a mobile page load was delayed.

At the same time, 73% of consumers in APAC are more likely to make a purchase from mobile sites that made the purchasing product easy.

The study tested mobile websites according to five main benchmarks, including findability of products and information, product pages clarity, registration and conversion, mobile design and page load.

Overall, APAC industries including financial services, travel and retail met the benchmarks in just two of the five areas – product pages and design.

With slow speeds as one of the main issues uncovered among APAC mobile sites, there are a few measures brands can take to ensure faster load speeds. These include compressing text and images, reducing the server response time and avoiding repetitive browser requests.