Sled Mobile launches first Cost-Per-Second (CPS) platform for mobile ads

Anne Freier | September 22, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Sled Mobile, the advertising technology company based in New York City, recently announced the industry’s first Cost-Per-Second (CPS) mobile advertising platform. The Parsec Ads platform offers time-based advertising. Marketers will only need to pay for the seconds a consumer actually spends with the advert, ultimately helping advertisers to determine which campaigns hold user attention.
Parsec Ads minimises advertiser risk
Parsec campaigns do not begin to charge until at least half the ad is on the screen for at least one second, a Media Rating Council standard for ad viewability. In addition, Parsec comes integrated with Moat Analytics‘ anti-fraud tool to prevent bots from generating fraudulent traffic. Sled added that its formats require touch and gesture meaning that it becomes harder for bots to imitate the action.
The ad format is what Marc Guldimann, Founder and CEO, Sled, calls “politely interruptive”. An ad overlay scrolls up as the user scrolls down on a page. Users can view the ad, then scroll past it when they’re done. He says:
marc guildmann sled

“The more time readers spend with an ad, the more likely that ad is to be run, even at lower CPS bids. Parsec optimizes for revenue per impression, so we are looking to match ads to people who will be interested in spending time with them. The real power of CPS is the fact that it aligns the entire marketplace to serve ads that readers want to spend time with.”

Right now, Parsec supports mobile web ads, though Guldimann told VentureBeat that he plans to add in-app ad handling over the coming months. Among the platform’s first clients are the San Antonio Board of Tourism and an unnamed client. Currently, Parsec supports the Sled advertising format, though it offers the ability to support any mobile ad format as long as it is fully interruptive.
Only time will tell if Parsec’s CPS model can yield better results, but the focus on campaign creativity driven by the marketer’s desire for longer user interaction, will only benefit consumers and brands alike.

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