Skyhook Wireless launches new Personas for improve mobile campaign audience targeting

Skyhook Wireless, a mobile location platform, just launched a way for mobile marketers to more accurately target their audience. Based on the company’s mobile location technology, Retailer Personas, Power Personas and On-Demand Personas offer a more actionable set of location behavioural data.
Skyhook Wireless launches new Personas
The company aims to provide location data that doesn’t allow for misplaced ads or false attribution and analytics. Instead, it cleanses inaccuracies in location by utilising its expertise in location, platform and quality-controlled venue sets.
The new Personas differ based on a marketer’s campaign goal. Retailer Personas feature a retailer-specific set of targeting and attribution, based on consumer visit habits and brand connections. Skyhook Wireless says they have been designed to match campaigns with over 200 top retailers and brands in the US, including WalMart and Dunkin’ Donuts. Power Personas on the other hand identify consumers with stronger brand affinity based on their frequency of site visits. These consumers have a larger budget and more closely respond to branded marketing. As the name suggests, On-Demand Personas allow advertisers and publishers to customise their targeting across over 3,000 possible combinations. Criteria include venue visits and type, visit frequency as well as demographics. An ads’ influence on store visits can be measured to provide even better attribution.
Matt Kojalo, VP of Adtech Solutions, Skyhook Wireless, says:
matt kojalo

“Skyhook’s adtech business is built on our foundation of thirteen years of mobile location innovation. Our unmatched expertise, commitment to precision and neutral competitive position enables both demand and supply in the advertising ecosystem to unleash the power of location based targeting and attribution.”

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