Sky News now broadcasts via Amazon’s Twitch

Anne Freier

In App Business. October 7, 2019

Sky News has branched out in an effort to attract younger viewers via Amazon’s live-streaming app Twitch.

Twitch, founded in 2011, traditionally focuses on live-streaming of video games. But the app isn’t just for the gaming community but can be an attractive platform for broadcast news, according to Alan Strange, output editor at Sky News.

The company’s first live-stream on Twitch covered political news in the UK. But Sky News doesn’t have many followers on Twitch (yet). Only 127 app users follow Sky News and the site has 19,000 views.

Twitch has a slightly younger audience (55% are between 18 and 34 years old) of 1.3 million viewers. Eighty percent of its audience is male.

According to Digiday, comments were moderated during the live-stream with a comment filter automatically deleting comments that violated Sky News’ guidelines.

Twitch isn’t the only platform Sky News is using to share its content. The company already has a channel on YouTube where it hosts exclusive content to explain bigger issues such as Brexit and climate change.

Twitch provides unique opportunities for publishers like The Washington Post and BuzzFeed all of which have benefitted from the app’s interactive features. It seems that Twitch is also accommodating publishers by maintaining regular contact.

It monetises content through in-stream advertising and publishers are able to sell subscriptions and products through the platform.

The most popular channels on Twitch are still gaming channels, but that’s changing as ever more publishers are flocking to the site. Users also have the opportunity to send small payments to support their favourite sites.

“We’re not prepared to give all our premium content away for free,” Strange told Digiday. “The caution [with platforms] is, are we giving it away and not getting anything in return? We recognize not everyone will be a Sky News user on our owned and operated platforms. That’s when we make a case to go to where the audience is. Twitch is a great example of that.”