Sizmek rolls out mobile video auto-play ads

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Sizmek, the open ad management company, recently added the option to auto-play videos on mobile, with the launch of Video Autoplay on Mobile in Ad Builder for HTML5. Video Autoplay lets marketers create soundless teasers for mobile video ads which automatically play upon ad load.
Sizmek launches Video Autoplay

Sizmek follows the lead of Facebook and Twitter which are already offering silent, auto-play video ads. Pete Hotchkiss, Partner at Substance Global, says:

“It goes without saying that for our film and TV clients ensuring we maximise consumption of video-based content is paramount. To date, limitations placed on video playback led to frustrating metrics and less than ideal ROI from allocated media spend. This new auto-play feature from Sizmek perfectly addresses these key challenges.”

Indeed, by keeping the sound off video ads, users don’t need to race to the mute button. This is a less obtrusive way to present video ads and can draw higher user engagement by enticing them to play videos through pre-rolls, according to Sizmek. The company adds that the feature is simple to build, using its Ad Builder tool. Alex White, Vice President, Product Marketing  of Sizmek, adds:

“While video on mobile has increased around 300% over the last 6 months alone. Marketers have been missing out on a huge opportunity to leverage it more effectively to connect with mobile audiences. Autoplay helps solve the problem by enticing mobile users to engage with a video, but in a respectful way, empowering advertisers and audiences alike.”

Silent auto-play video sure is a format to stay, but it remains to be seen how Sizmek will compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

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