Sizmek adds private marketplace transactions to StrikeAd


Marketers can now fulfill Private Marketplace (PMP) transactions through StrikeAd. Open ad management platform, Sizmek, confirmed that StrikeAd is the company’s mobile-first programmatic media solutions. The addition allows clients to access premium and private inventory alongside supply in the open RTB market. Self-service and managed solutions are both available. StrikeAd PMP functionality lets advertisers access premium content whilst publishers can restrict access to that content at the same time.

StrikeAd allows PMP transactions



Sizmek explains that with the growth of the mobile programmatic advertising market, inventory keeps increasing. Publishers wish to maintain control over their inventory from open exchanges, which necessitates the private marketplace.
With StrikeAd Deal ID functionality mobile programmatic buyers can also deliver non-standardised mobile ads, which would usually be a challenge to serve programmatically. The availability of PMP lets marketers reach premium audiences.
Cyrille Geffray, CEO, Smart AdServer, says:
cyrille geffray

“The advanced integration of StrikeAd and Smart AdServer opens great opportunities for advertisers and publishers, and especially with mobile PMPs. The share of mobile programmatic deals now accounts for 30% on our exchange, with a growing part coming from advanced ad formats like the Parallax or the Video Interstitial.”

Sizmek says that among the benefits of PMP buys through StrikeAd are increased transparency, a more accurate forecasting, in-depth targeting, custom audiences packages as well as mobile metrics.
Mike Caprio, Global VP and GM of Programmatic, Sizmek, adds:
mike caprio

“Brands are looking to deliver great mobile experiences as consumers are spending more and more of their time on mobile devices.  The challenges around delivering impact creative to these audiences is magnified in programmatic. StrikeAd’s PMP offering combined with Sizmek’s creative excellence in HTML5 and global activation delivers great value for the world’s leading publishers and trading desks.”

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