Six-second video ads lack emotional connection

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 15, 2019

Six-second mobile and digital video ads underperform when it comes to establishing an emotional connection, according to new research by media platform Teads with Realeyes. Together, they analysed 166 six-second creatives to understand the emotional connection to video ads.

Although six-second video ads had an average view-through rate of 55% on mobile devices, their emotional score was just 3.6 compared to 5.1 for 30-second ads.

This could be a problem as the emotional connection from video ads has been found to relate to sales lifts (75% accuracy).

Because the ads are short they fail to tell a story and build a narrative, which is a key factor in establishing an emotional connection. However, six-second ads which were able to tell a story performed generally better, scoring 4.1 compared to 3.1 without narrative.

Meanwhile, just 16% of six-second ad creatives were found to include a call to action, further stifling engagement.

“With mobile now the dominant device in our lives, marketers know that 30 second TV spots will no longer cut it for engaging video ads on the small screen,” explained Caroline Hugonenc, Global VP Research and Insights at Teads. “However, what this research reveals is that simply making an ad shorter won’t necessarily guarantee performance if the emotional connection is lost. We launched Teads Creative Lab to help brands and advertisers understand exactly how their creatives are performing, and provide technology to optimise them for the small screen, with the right impact.”

As mobile video advertising is estimated to having increased 145% in  2018 to $4.2 billion in spending, advertisers have to ensure their video ads deliver.

Teads suggests that marketers who choose to repurpose TV ads should focus on selecting the most engaging scenes when condensing it into a shorter format. However, it is generally preferable to keep ads longer if the story is complex and can’t be easily condensed.