SITO Mobile launches Real-time Verified Walk-In technology to offer real-time in-store attribution for mobile campaigns


SITO Mobile, the mobile engagement platform provider, just rolled out its Real-time Verified Walk-In (VWI) technology that lets marketers measure and optimise mobile ad campaigns. Verified Walk-In goes a step further than traditional attribution solutions and gives advertisers a real-time look at their mobile campaign’s effectiveness on in-store visits.

Real-time in-store attribution



Ultimately, the VWI platform offers attribution and reporting, to identify consumers who interact with an ad on their mobile devices and walk into a physical location retailer in real-time.

Because marketers can measure ad responses as they happen, they can take meaningful steps to optimise their campaigns instantly.

Jerry Hug, CEO, SITO Mobile, says:

jerry hug

“Upgrading our VWI product to real-time is a significant step in the evolution of the mobile advertising industry. With Real-time VWI, we are offering unparalleled transparency into campaign effectiveness along with actionable reporting, enabling our clients to make more timely and better informed decisions on campaign optimization. Real-time VWI is a game changer in the industry and a true differentiator for SITO.”

SITO Mobile has been busy expanding its technology following the Hipcricket integration. VWI is the first in a series of upgrades planned for the Mobile platform and the company says that future releases include more data and reporting enhancements, better measurement, visibility, hands-on client access as well as real-time management.
Jon Lowen, EVP Operations and Product Development, SITO Mobile, adds:
jonathon lowen

“The power of the newly enhanced VWI platform is in the utilization of the data in real-time. Since we own and operate our attribution product, we can continually provide our clients with granular metrics tied directly to campaign strategy and optimization. We can provide in-store foot traffic lift that can be segmented by demographic, strategy, audience or any targetable parameter and even report on the average amount of time it took a consumer to walk into a store after ad exposure.  We believe the enhancements brought through Real-time Verified Walk-In bring tremendous value to our mobile advertising clients.”

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