SITO Mobile announces 168% overall revenue increase driven by mobile programmatic


SITO Mobile, the mobile engagement platform just announced its Q2 2016 revenue results. Overall revenue increased 168% to $9.9m compared to the year over.

Programmatic ad revenue placements grew a whopping 285% to $8.3m. Gross profit reached $5.4m in Q2, up from $1.8m in Q2 2015.

SITO provides a variety of advertising options for retailers and brand marketers. Location is one of its core focuses. Its Real-Time Verified Walk-In solutions captures in-store visits and can optimise ads in real-time.

SITO Mobile advertising features

Screen shot 2016-08-17 at 7.28.32 AM


Jerry Hug, CEO of SITO Mobile said the results showed the company’s commitment to growth as a location-based mobile advertising firm. He adds:

jerry hug

“The overall market for mobile advertising is already measured in $10’s of billions and is growing rapidly. Mobile Media is uniquely equipped to handle location-based ad campaigns and SITO Mobile is emerging as a leading player in this $18 billion segment of the mobile advertising market. SITO Mobile is creating higher levels of mobile consumer engagement – resulting in more clients, more campaigns and larger campaign spending commitments, as the largest global advertisers shift significant advertising dollars to mobile. On this foundation, we look forward to producing meaningful revenue growth for the balance of 2016 and beyond.”

The company also announced Brent Rosenthal to its Board of Directors. Brent joins with over 20 years of experience creating shareholder value in cable, telecom and mobile. He led the investment in Rentrak Corporation and worked closely with the company until its merger with comScore.

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