Sionic Mobile rolls out mobile loyalty, payments and marketing platform

sionic mobile
Sionic Mobile announced the launch of its ION Loyalty Small Business Center, which provides a mobile loyalty, payments and marketing platform. ION Loyalty offers unlimited advertisements through the ION mobile marketplace including merchant-branded eGift cards to help businesses drive traffic and increase sales. The service’s credit card processing rate is as low as 1%.
ION Loyalty provides branded gift cards for mobile users
Mobile payments are on the rise as over half of US consumers recently stated their interest in paying with their phones. By 2018, mobile payment transactions could reach as high as $5.4bn. However, many small businesses still lack the infrastructure to support mobile payments.
Ronald Herman, CEO and Founder, Sionic Mobile, explains:
ronald herman

“Small business owners recognize the significance of mobile, and it’s not a question of if they will integrate mobile commerce, but rather when and how. The biggest obstacles preventing these merchants from entering the mobile marketplace is the time and cost associated with replacing existing technology, and the increasing fees associated with these types of transactions. ION Loyalty, however, gives business owners a robust mobile payments, loyalty and marketing platform at an equal or lower rate than what they are paying for credit card processing alone and they use their existing, familiar equipment.”

The ION Loyalty app is free to download for business owners. Once downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, clients simply add an ‘ION’ tender key on their existing POS system. There are no upfront costs and merchant settlements on ION activity is being made nightly with payments processed securely through J.P. Morgan Chase.
From within the ION Loyalty Small Business Center, small business owners can also manage their accounts, create mobile ads and oversee real-time payments.
Herman adds:

“Small businesses need to invest in mobile strategies that go beyond simply accepting payments if they want to see a real return and long-term benefits. ION Loyalty adds the convenience of mobile payments at a very affordable rate, but also gives the small business owner tools needed to connect with its customers, attract new ones, and re-invest in loyalty.”

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