Sionic Mobile partners with PAI to roll out mobile advertising rewards solution across ATM beacon network

sionic mobile
A new beacon network promises advertisers a way to reach mobile consumers at a time when they’re ready to spend and thereby hopes to create awareness for a brand.
Dubbed the PAI Beacon Network it has been developed by cloud-based mobile commerce firm, Sionic Mobile, together with Payment Alliance International (PAI), an electronic payment processing solution. The solution enhances the PAI ATM network with iBeacons across the 74,000 terminals in the US. This should allow advertisers to engage and connect with millions of mobile app users by enabling proximity-based mobile ads and cardless cash redemption of earned mobile loyalty rewards.
Sonic Mobile provides Mobile Rewards Marketplace for businesses and retailers
John J. Leehy, President and CEO, Payment Alliance International, says:
john leeh

“We are excited to launch this compelling new customer engagement tool and pleased to have this powerful new partnership with Sionic Mobile. We believe the PAI Beacon Network will enhance the customer experience while driving new and valuable traffic to our machines and retail clients.”

It works by sending a welcome to a nearby app user through mobile ads and offers. Consumers are then invitied to redeem a reward for cash at a nearby ATM. They can opt for a cardless transaction by tapping the mobile rewards app button or enter a three digit code for single use. This lets them withdraw cash from a participating ATM.
The solution is being powered by Sionic Mobile’s cloud-based ION Commerce Engine, with each transaction being completed with advanced security and fraud protection for both consumer and cash machine owner.
Ronald Herman, Founder and CEO, Sionic Mobile, expands:
ronald herman

“Our goal is to provide Mobile Rewards App users, including millions of our partners’ app users, tangible ways to use their earned rewards how they want, when they want, and wherever they want. It’s called the power of choice. The reality of redeeming airline miles, hotel points and other reward types for cash is right around the corner. PAI gives us a remarkable opportunity through their vast nationwide ATM network and advanced technology to give advertisers a way to reach millions of consumers, and Mobile Rewards App users a whole new way to view the value of their earned rewards. We are proud to partner with PAI on this amazing offering.”

It’s a new type of loyalty advertising when consumers can get their hands on cash rewards instantly. In addition, they receive rewards when they purchase through a merchant in Sionic Mobile’s Rewards Marketplace, which features 100,000 retail and restaurant locations throughout the US. Sionic says that it is the fastest growing mobile marketplace for chain retailers and SMBs.

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