Singular launches new technology to detect fake app installs

Singular has released an Android Install Validation technology which detects fake app installs.

For the first time, a technology is able to detect if installs are real devices, coming from real users, and have actual intent.

The solution is significantly more effective than other fraud prevention solutions and customers are finding more than 80% fraud in paid mobile app install campaigns.

Advertisers could lose around $42 billion in 2019 to digital advertising fraud, according to Juniper Research.

“Spending resources on fraudulent traffic is something Glu is actively working to prevent,” says John Parides, Senior Director of User Acquisition at Glu, maker of the iconic Deer Hunter as well as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, WWE Universe, Tap Sports Baseball, and its latest hit, Diner Dash Adventures. “Singular’s new fraud-fighting technology helps our User Acquisition team focus on legitimate campaigns and significantly boost return on ad spend.”

In comparison, standard fraud detection systems can result in high rates of false positives and false negatives. This is a strain on marketing budgets.

Deterministic models provide improved performance because they do not introduce false positives.

Singular’s cyber security team uses a unique scale to uncover new signals to identify whether Google Play app installs are fake or real.

“Singular’s new progressive anti-fraud solution detected more ad fraud than competing solutions,” says Ronak Jain, Mobile Marketing Manager at Cleartrip, the top travel technology platform for emerging markets. “This is a game-changer and will play a key role in making growth decisions.”

Alongside, Singular released updated solutions to combat click injection and organic poaching. The methods are commonly used by fraudsters to steal credit for installs that ad networks legitimately caused or were organic.

“Our mission is to help companies grow faster and smarter by using data. If your data isn’t clean, or is riddled with fraud, you are paralyzed and can’t make any decisions,” says Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv. “This breakthrough technology is the result of continuous investment Singular makes in hiring the best talent in the world for the task of fighting against marketing fraud.”

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