Singular and Apsalar merge to create unified mobile marketing analytics platform

Marketers have long faced challenges in connecting their data with ad tech solutions and an ever expanding number of channels. This has led to a variety of scaling challenges and ROI issues.
Now, two companies are looking to change the way data silos are connected, analysed and automated from any source such as ad networks, the cloud or social channels. Marketing analytics company Singular and mobile app attribution and audience management company Apsalar today announced a merger to create an end-to-end marketing analytics platform.
According to Gadi Eliashiv, CEO and Co-Founder of Singular, mobile attribution hasn’t been treated as an integrated solution, but instead was mostly used for mobile app install reporting.

“This has given rise to broken attribution models that rely on data captured only through tracking tags and neglect to address the complete marriage of marketing campaigns with user events.”

The new platform combines Singular’s Marketing Analytics Platform with Apsalar’s Attribution and Audience Management tool to help expose ROI across user touch points on email, push notifications or in-app and web events.
Singular will become the first platform to allow advertisers to tap into multi-touch attribution modeling and user-level ROI analysis.
Another problem with today’s attribution features are that they do not report on missed out campaign engagements. Eliashiv adds:

“Our new platform lets marketers move past that paradigm by enabling them to capture every necessary piece of data from every touchpoint – no matter its origin or format. This is crucial for performing accurate ROI analysis and it finally opens up the door to the holy grail of multi-touch attribution and cross-device analysis, which can only be truly achieved by taking all marketing data sets into account.”

The combined platform provides the ability to connect, analyse and automate data from any ad source in a single platform to drive efficient and profitable user acquisition. Granular performances can be analysed at the channel, campaign, country, ad creative and sub-publisher level, without sacrificing accuracy. Specific audiences can also be segmented based on behaviour.
The merged business will be operating under the Singular brand and be led by CEO & Co-Founder Gadi Eliashiv. Michael Oiknine joins as Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer. He says:

“The unification of our advanced attribution and audience management capabilities with Singular’s already robust analytics platform is something that is truly needed by the industry. We are thrilled to build on our shared vision and provide marketers with a game-changing platform that will further simplify and improve their lives.”

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