Single people under 35 prefer Snapchat, while Instagram is the choice of singles over 35

Andy Boxall | August 24, 2017

App Business

Dating app Clover has examined data collected from three million single people to find out which social network platform, out of Snapchat and Instagram, is their preferred choice. The results are interesting because the difference is so clear cut.

A total of 55% preferred Snapchat, and 45% went with Instagram; but it was the age group split that’s important. Snapchat came out on top for those aged between 18 and 34, while Instagram is the preferred social network for those between 35 and 55-plus.

There is a clear split in age groups for Snapchat and Instagram users

The age groups were then examined to see what dating scenario they preferred. Snapchat users are looking for long term relationships, while Instagram users would prefer casual dating. Clover also looked at the primary interest for both user groups. Snapchat users listed sports, gaming, movies, tattoos, laughing, and cuddling as popular interests. For those single people that preferred Instagram, the interests included live music, reading, coffee, photography, art, food, and hiking.

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