Sideqik raises $5 million to boost influencer marketing discovery

Anne Freier | February 26, 2019


Sideqik, the influencer marketing platform based in Atlanta, just raised $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Jackson Square Ventures and Fuqua Capital, and participation from entrepreneur Tom Noonan as well as existing investors Bee Partners and Bonfire Ventures.

Sideqik enables marketers to find, connect and manage relevant influencers, whilst also offering measurement tools to gain greater insights into how effective a campaign has been. Notable clients include Coca-Cola, Home Deport, HTC and Under Armour among others.

The company was founded six years ago by Jeremy Haile and Tree McGlown and now has 80 employees across four offices in the US.

As more brands are turning to influencers to help promote their products, and upping their budgets in influencer marketing, ROI remains as one of the key focuses.

Sideqik’s platform combines artificial intelligence, based on the data from 16 million online profiles and 2 billion social posts to show brands trends and insights for improved marketing efforts.

“Marketers today are overwhelmed by the amount of data at their disposal,” said Haile. “The challenge is using that data to make decisions and improving how they engage with their customers and the influencers that speak to them. As consumer attention shifts more and more to mobile and social, it’s increasingly important that brands are able to engage with them there, and it’s our mission to provide an innovative platform that helps them do that in an intelligent, authentic, and measurable way.”

Through the latest funding, Sideqik plans to up its predictive analytics to help predict rising influencer starts and social media trends.

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