Shoppers prefer in-store over mobile apps – Amazon ranks high for speedy delivery

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 8, 2019

Whilst consumers enjoy browsing for products on mobile devices they may still prefer to shop in-store, according to new research from DMI.

Eighty-eight percent of shoppers said they shopped in-store, whilst 59% shopping online and 38% used a brand’s or retailer’s app to make a purchase.

Meanwhile, 42% of consumers said they preferred to browse for products using mobile devices compared to 30% doing the same in-store.

A majority of respondents (76%) also prefer to communicate with brands through store visits, whilst 59% are using email and 56% are making phone calls.

Interestingly among Amazon Prime members (55% of respondents), 44% were more likely to shop in-store once a week.

For 49% of respondents Amazon is a good way to discover new products. Another 45% use social media and 38% use search engines to find product inspirations.

Shoppers admitted they were drawn to Amazon for its free shipping (31%) and speedy delivery (19%).

“A common reason why shoppers continue to return to Amazon: all of their information is there already, from addresses to payment methods. This serves as a lesson to retailers to improve the process of account creation and use. In our survey, only one in four shoppers say they always use or create an account when making a purchase online, while one in five say they never create accounts,” Paula Moniz, Director of Strategy and Customer Experience at DMI wrote in a blog post.

Artificial intelligence is also likely to become a larger topic in the future with 34% of respondents having previously come across AI whilst shopping and 54% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with AI tools.