Shoppers enjoy targeted and personalised ads as long as they deliver value

Anne Freier | February 18, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Shoppers looking for electronic products including smartphones, games and internet-connected devices welcome targeted ads that guide them through a store to locate a product (63%) and 62% also enjoy personalised ads.

That’s according to new research by Valassis, the marketing technology and consumer engagement firm.

The majority of consumers (60%) also wish for adverts to help them discover new or better things.

Another 56% said they often try products based on influencer recommendations.

The study based on the answers from 1,000 shoppers also found that 71% of grocery shoppers want to get the shopping over and done with quickly and four out of 10 grocery consumers enjoy adverts that help them develop better shopping habits.

Meanwhile, 73% of skincare customers admit that adverts help them to discover new products and teach them something new.

When it comes to food, restaurant consumers want instant gratification – 64% said they loved ads that satisfied an immediate need.

When it comes to cleaning products, marketers should hit the right timing because 55% of shoppers purchase new cleaning products when they run out.

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