Shopify launches shopping app

Anne Freier | April 30, 2020

App Business

E-commerce platform Shopify has just launched a dedicated shopping app for consumers called Shop.

The app is based on tracking app Arrive, which consumers and Shopify merchants can use to track their packages. Arrive has been used by over 16 million customers globally already.

Shop retains some of these tracking functionalities, but customers can also browse recommended products.

In addition, the app features a one-click checkout called Shop Pay. 

Shop is designed for smaller retailers, brands, and businesses who do not have their own native apps.

All recommendations are based on previous purchases and brands consumers previously looked at on Shop or Shopify. This makes them potentially more personalised and interesting to potential shoppers.

General manager of Shop, Carl Rivera, told TechCrunch, that the app would not include ads.

Committed to helping sustain smaller businesses, Shop will provide local recommendations to consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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