Shazam reveals new augmented reality mobile advertising platform

Shazam, the music streaming apps, has rolled out a new scaled augmented reality (AR) platform for its brand partners, artists and worldwide users. Spirit maker Beam Suntory Inc. is among the first to trial the new ad format as a launch partner.
The company launched its visual recognition functionality in 2015 and partnered with brands and artists to connect its users to innovate custom content. AR marks the next step for Shazam and has become a vital tool for the company to engage its users in immersive experiences. In addition, brands can reach audiences through a more compelling, interactive new medium.
The addition brings to life any marketing material from products to POS to ads to events. It also includes Shazam Codes which deliver AR experiences such as 3D animations and product visualisations, mini games and 360-degree videos.
Rich Riley, CEO, Shazam, says:

“We knew we were on to something big when we released visual image recognition in 2015. With the rapid rise of augmented reality, it is a natural evolution for Shazam to be a first-mover in delivering AR at scale.”

For the launch, Shazam has partnered with Beam Suntory Inc. on an interactive memory game AR experience.
Michelle Cater, Beam Suntory’s Senior Director of Commercial Marketing, says:

“We are excited to collaborate with Shazam on the launch of their augmented reality in-app functionality. […]This breakthrough technology offers an accessible, immersive platform with which to engage in a rewarded gamification experience at the point of purchase leading up to Cinco de Mayo.”

To roll out the new feature Shazam partnered with Zappar, the mobile augmented reality company, to deliver the code-scanning technology behind Shazam Codes as well as the platform’s immersive and expressive short form mobile experiences. Greg Glenday, CRO of Shazam, adds that the platform offers a frictionless way to deliver such experiences at scale.

“Because Shazam has such a massive install base, and consumers are already accustomed to using the app for discovery – we have now solved that problem. The possibilities for a brand to bring their products to life or make their advertising more engaging are quite literally only limited by the imagination.”

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