Sharethrough boosts native programmatic advertising on mobile with Adelphic integration


Source Sharethrough

Native advertising supply-side platform (SSP) Sharethrough this week announced integration of native programmatic advertising with Adelphic, the mobile and cross-channel demand-side platform (DSP).

The deal combines Sharethrough’s publisher network with Adelphic’s mobile ad expertise. Through the integration, Sharethrough wants to help media buyers using the Adelphic DSP to access large audiences with in-feed display and video placements on mobile websites and apps. This is being facilitate through the Sharethrough Exchange via Adelphic’s self-serve native workflow.

The move is in line with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s OpenRTB 2.3 specification that standardises component parts for real-time trading of native ads.
With mobile native video expenditure now expected to be one of the core growth areas in 2017, the deal seems like a good step forward for both companies.

Founded in 2011, Adelphic is known across the mobile and cross-channel advertising landscape. The company develops patented technology to expand the limits of user identification on mobile and other channels. It is the first DSP to enable third-party purchasing of native video placements on the Sharethrough Exchange programmatically.

Alex White, VP, Product Marketing at Sharethrough, explains that native ads make sense for mobile devices.

alex white

“Mobile is the future of the Internet, which makes integrations like these essential to drive our business forward. Adelphic excels at what they do and should provide us with instant adoption from the demand that exists in their platform, allowing us to scale marketplace liquidity for our publisher network even further.”

Sharethrough recently reported $140m in native ad spending through its platform in 2016. According to the company over three-quarters of its impressions served were on mobile devices with 77% of inventory from the mobile web. However, whilst mobile ads have generally three times the click-through rates of desktop ads, viewability rates are lower (24% on mobile, compared to 38% on desktop). That leaves much room for improvement and optimisation across the mobile native ad tech landdscape.
Gina Kim, VP, Business Development at Adelphic, adds:
gina kim

Native advertising will drive increased spend to programmatic channels as advertisers continue to see high engagement with their audiences and demand the scale and efficiency of RTB buying. We’re excited to partner with Sharethrough to deliver advertisers high quality and innovative native advertising formats.”

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