Seventynine launches new in-app advertising platform

Mobile advertising technology company, Seventynine, part of SVG Media, recently announced its new in-app advertising platform appjacket Plus. The platform offers new features and controls for publishers. It includes zero buffering and HD video display technology as well as machine learning algorithms for best consumer targeting and reach.
appjacket Plus works by adding mediation layers which allow publishers to serve video and rich media ads. It gives publishers control over ads served. They can adjust timing, ad frequency and specific users. Audiences can be targeted by location, type of device and even content viewed.
Seventynine technology enables publishers to create native ad spots at different times of app usage (start, exit, or during use). It supports over 10 ad formats and engagement actions, offers built-in DMP and complies to international formats.
Mustali Kachwala, Co-founder, Seventynine, explains:

“With appjacket Plus, we have made in-app advertising even more financially rewarding for mobile app developers and publishers with the inclusion of a powerful global mediation engine. A wealth of user behaviour information, coupled with complex algorithms will ensure the app developer gets maximum revenue while at the same time the consumer gets relevant advertisements. The new SDK will further strengthen our position as the mobile technology platform of choice, with over 350 leading apps and over 100 advertisers are already using our technology.”

Among clients already using Seventynine’s in-app ad technology are Nazara Games, Times Internet, HT Media, India Today Group, Bhaskar Group, Digivive, Zapak Games, Kompas and many more. The company says it serves in-app video ads to over 50+ million smartphone users in India.

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