Sergey Khitrov, CEO, Co-Founder at adWad Talks Affiliate Marketing

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Posted: February 14, 2017

Sergey Khitrov is a serial entrepreneur, was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Sergey is the winner of different startup contests and has lots of entrepreneurs awards. Over the years Sergey launched several companies, among these are adWad – international affiliates network, JetMedia – media buying team, CPA Life – affiliate and digital marketing conference and more.

What is adWad and how are you positioned in the market? – international affiliate network. We work on the CPA model for more than 4 years. We work with all offer categories from mobile applications and dating to china goods offers. Last year we start actively working on the international market. Now we have a large percentage of international affiliates. Now we have more than 70.000 affiliates and advertisers from more than 100 countries.
What types of clients do you work with?
Our main clients – china goods, gambling, e-mail subscription offers, mobile applications and different services with payment for registration.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Initially, Russia and CIS countries. Not long ago we start working with European countries, Asia and Latin America. Also, we try the US market.
What are your main tips for successful mobile affiliate marketing?
Do not be afraid to test, and most importantly, always be in the trend.
What do you think the big themes for mobile performance marketing are going to be this year?
Sure to be a huge increase in mobile advertising, but it seems to me, the growth rate will fall relative to previous years.
What mobile devices do you use?
iPhone and sometimes iPad.
What are your favorite apps?
The app where I record costs, Booking – because I travel a lot, app to listen to music without the Internet and of course – Instagram.
What kind of people works with you in the team at adWad?
Strong, young and purposeful. It took me years to collect it. They are professionals who do their job better than others.
Do you have a VR headset at home / will you buy one? Do you think that VR has great future?
Yes, I have. There is a great future, but I think It would come not soon.
How did you get an idea about CPA Life?
I just wanted to make a good Affiliate market meeting: all the players, including advertisers and affiliates.
What are the main difficulties were in the beginning?
We had no experience in the organization. Our most fear was that only a few people will come to the first conference. As a result, there came 4 times more than the capacity of the general hall. Now we take a large area suitable for our number. This year we plan to get 2.000 attendees.
What is CPA Life for you now?
I always wanted to do a good thematic party. Looking back on the past of our events, I can say that we did them great. Especially we focus our attention on our AfterParty. A lot of our international visitors say: “This is the best party we’ve ever seen We will come back here again and again. ” Such words have unrealistic charge. This year we are preparing a lot of surprises for our guests. And every year, we will raise the level of our activities.