Sending customers text reminders of their abandoned carts works, says Shopify

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 16, 2019

Shopify has shown that reminding customers of their abandoned carts is an effective strategy to boost sales.

Based on data collected between June and July 2019, the eCommerce website found that the abandoned cart text messages worked best for companies which generate 1,000+ sales per month. It also worked well for those with fewer than 100 sales per month.

As an example, one client noted 1,365 abandoned carts. After applying the messaging tactic, retention rate was 58%. In other words, 58% who abandoned their purchases at checkout returned to complete it after receiving a message.

During a one-month period, one client recovered $156,915 at a recovery rate of 20%.

Yet, the company notes that client success cannot be guaranteed when using the feature.

Chances of success can be increased by ensuring that calls to action are clear. Clients should not give up if the first attempt at messaging fails. They are also reminded that there may be specific time windows that work best for customers.

Retailers should send text messages shortly after cart abandonment. If they wait too long, chances of success decrease.

It’s also advisable to include a link in the message which takes the customer back to their abandoned cart.

In combination, the above steps should generate some positive results for Shopify sellers.