Search and social advertising strategies are working for most digital marketers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 16, 2018

Nine in ten businesses say that search and social advertising strategies are somewhat successful in trying to achieve their top priorities. Of them, 38% find such strategies to be very successful, according to a report from Ascend2. The Search & Social Advertising Strategy survey asked 233 company executives for their opinions on what an effective social and search marketing strategy may look like.
Adscend2 defines these ads as an integration of “paid search with the push of social media ads”.
More than half (59%) admitted that developing a more effective strategy was a top priority, followed by increasing their search and social ad conversions (50%).

Among the top challenges, were increasing ad conversions, according to 46% of respondents, and acquiring the budget to support their strategies (44%).
Meanwhile, a total 87% believe that overall search and social ad conversions are increasing, even if 55% admit that this is happening only moderately.
A mere 12% said conversions were decreasing.
Remarketing/retargeting (45%) and data-driven personalisation (44%) were found to be the most effective tactics when it comes to improving search and social ad performance.
Of these, data-driven personalisation (41%) and conversion rate optimisation (40%) were said to be the most difficult tactics to achieve.

Ad effectiveness is however increasing ‘marginally’ for 53% and ‘significantly’ for 37% of marketing influencers.
However, 55% of companies are now employing a variety of in-house and outsourced resources. 32% are still relying on outsourced specialists and 13% are keeping it completely in-house.