Search ads lead to higher conversions than social ads

Search ad conversions are performing better than social conversions, according to an analysis of 4 billion sessions by Episerver.

However, social media conversions have seen an upward trend.

Organic and paid search traffic to brands and retail websites drove 23% and 17% in traffic, respectively. Meanwhile, social media was responsible for just 6% of traffic.

“The research shows that getting customers to click through on social is not enough,” argues Alex Atzberger, CEO of Episerver. “Strong and personalised content remains king to create meaningful experiences that resonate with shoppers. Retailers must invest in a relevant post-click experience as people increasingly discover products and companies by swiping, not searching.”

However, the mobile share of traffic from 160 B2C brand and retail sites Episerver analysed exceeded 50% during each month in 2019.

Peak holiday shopping in November 2019 reached 59% versus desktop (37%) and tablets (4%).

Mobile reached an all-time high of 59% in November 2019, perhaps because of the influence of the shopping season.

Social traffic had higher bounce rates (52%) than organic search (30%).

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