Scalarr raises $7.5 million to expand mobile ad fraud products

Anne Freer | February 15, 2021

App Deals

Scalarr, the startup that fights ad fraud using machine learning has just raised $7.5 million in a Series A funding round, led by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, with participation from TMT Investments, OTB Ventures and Speedinvest.

The company was launched in an attempt to offer better anti-fraud solutions.

Scalarr offers several anti-fraud tools including its DeepView product which uses artificial intelligence to reduce fraud risks by identifying anomalies in traffic and impression levels.

Scalarr’s Performance tool analyses data from mobile ad campaigns at all stages – from the initial click to post-install events.

It uses unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning algorithms to analysed features to reduce false positives and negatives.

“At Scalarr, our main aim is to provide the most effective solution to detect mobile app install ad fraud and help app developers prevent losses. Existing fraud detection solutions use rule-based engines and supervised machine learning models, which have many limitations, thus making them vulnerable and inefficient,” the company writes on its website.

According to the firm, it can detect 60% more fraud than other products on the market which could save clients $22 million in cash.

“Scalarr is primarily known as the most data-driven and accurate anti-fraud solution for mobile end advertisers. Very often, we observed how traffic providers struggle with continuous rejects coming from their clients,” said Yuriy Yashunin, Chief Product Officer at Scalarr.

“That led us to investigate why ad tech is not secure and faces a lot of fraud in their traffic even when they already have a form of protection on their side. We saw that there were so many challenges starting from very high costs of fraud identification to outdated approaches and lack of flexibility from data providers. We aimed to build a truly disruptive product that this industry deserves.”

The company plans to use the cash injection to expand its presence in Asia and develop new products.

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