S4M rolls out tool to monitor campaign in-store uplift rate

S4M, the drive-to-store platform, just launched a new SaaS solution to lets advertisers optimise their media investments in real-time for drive-to-store campaigns. The Uplift Trust tool lets marketers dive into the analytics to monitor their in-store uplift rate for statistical reliability.

The platform includes a feature that assesses if enough data has been provided to compute uplift rates or if more people need to be reached to collect samples.

The platform monitors this in whilst a campaign is running so marketers can adjust parameters during a campaign.

“At S4M we are committed to providing brand advertisers and media agencies with full transparency into all stages of their digital advertising campaigns,” Christophe Collet, CEO, S4M. “As the first in the industry to implement live uplift calculations within a digital platform, we are proud to now go one step further to offer transparency into uplift accuracy for drive-to-store campaigns with Uplift Trust.”

According to S4M, the uplift rate here represents the increase in visitors in physical store as a direct consequence of an ad campaign. By allowing marketers to monitor statistical viability of such data, they are able to more confidently assign budgets and targets in the future.

Furthermore, the tool adopts dynamically if an advertiser changes targeting throughout a campaign.

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