Rumor hints Google is working on a new affiliate scheme for the Play Store

Andy Boxall | August 19, 2015


According to a rumor report published by 9to5Google, Google may be working on a new affiliate scheme that applies to the Google Play Store. While it has operated a similar system in the past, its affiliate network ceased back in 2013, around the same time the Android Market rebranded to Google Play.
The report quotes an anonymous source, who told the site Google’s new program is still “in the early stages of development, and could get called off or change significantly between now and its time of launch.” Like any unsubstantiated rumor, this should be treated only as speculation at the moment.
Google may introduce an affiliate scheme that applies to the Google Play Store in the future
google play store screen
Information is limited, but at this time, the program apparently covers content sold through Google Play’s movies and music stores, and not the app store. This may be a disappointment to developers keen to add another revenue stream, but it’s stated Google may expand the program to include both apps and hardware in the future.
Google and Performance Horizon Group — which is said to be providing the infrastructure for the project — declined to comment on the situation. There’s also no launch date mentioned.

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