Rubicon Project opens up exchange to boost guaranteed programmatic buying

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 8, 2018

Rubicon Project, the advertising exchange, just launched its exchange up for DSPs to offer programmatic buying in guaranteed private marketplaces.
The first DSP to jump on board is Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager. The move makes Rubicon Project the first third-party exchange to offer programmatic guaranteed buying with DoubleClick.
Paul Cocks, EMEA Head of Product for Inventory & Programmatic Direct at Google explained:

“We are constantly looking to identify the most efficient and effective ways to use the power of real-time and data-driven decisions and we are excited to now combine this with access to reserved publisher inventory with Programmatic Guaranteed. As we bring Programmatic Guaranteed to market we look forward to working with many partners who play an important role in facilitating and expanding opportunities for advertisers and publishers to connect and transact in one simple platform.”

Rubicon Project says that its exchange lets quality buyers transact in private marketplaces with guaranteed inventory and volumes.
It is integrated with detailed signals in the bid stream for guaranteed buying across private marketplaces, which ensures that buyers win the right auctions.

“Programmatic guaranteed buying in private marketplaces represents a massive opportunity in our industry, providing DSPs the ability to access premium inventory that is guaranteed by publishers and supplying them with the detailed signals that dictate precisely how they need to behave in the PMP to win,” added Tom Kershaw, Chief Technology Officer at Rubicon Project. “Today, most DSPs are still merely exploring the world of guaranteed buys, which is why we are proud to be the only third-party exchange currently offering programmatic guaranteed buying for all deal types in the DoubleClick Bid Manager Marketplace Interface as a result of DoubleClick’s integration into our exchange.”

The company plans to expand the platform by adding other major DSPs for guaranteed private marketplace integrations. Rubicon Project is actively investing and innovating its marketplaces to offer more control and precision.