Rocket Fuel announces cross-device capability for its programmatic marketing platform

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Rocket Fuel, the programmatic marketing platform provider, has added cross-device capability to its programmatic marketing platform. The feature allows advertisers to unify the campaign experience for individuals across multiple devices.
Rocket Fuel adds cross-device campaign management
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In essence, the tool deciphers signals that point towards device ownership such as location, content viewed, time and frequency of use. It then targets customers on the most influential device at the time. Based on AI, marketers can deliver targeted campaign messages to individuals across devices. In return, this ensures a higher performance at an average 57% performance lift.
The company also offers recommendations for actions as well as analytics across touchpoints to optimally identify shifts in consumer behaviour, helping advertisers understand their audiences better and drive engagement. As one of the first companies to test the feature, Toshiba, ran a campaign with Rocket Fuel to drive efficient “cost-per-site-lander” to the Laptop/Tablet section of Vic Faria, Associate Director, Digital Media – Initiative, says:

“Rocket Fuel is a key partner in driving online sales and increasing brand awareness for Toshiba. Its cross-device optimization offering optimizes for the right media mix to drive higher conversion rates at an optimal eCPA; in a recent campaign, consumers who received the optimal media mix were 32% more likely to convert than display-only ad recipients. It also enables the ability to dynamically reach our target customers at the right time, on the right device, with the right messages, at the moment of influence and at the closest point to the moment of purchase. This is immensely valuable and a key strategy of our digital media campaigns. We’re not only receiving best-in-class campaign performance, but also superior service from our dedicated Rocket Fuel team.”

In addition, Rocket Fuel announced Moment Scoring that analyses the likelihood of a consumer responding to an ad by combining the company’s data architecture with anonymous information about an individual at a specific moment in time, whilst on a specific device. Moment Scoring calculates the moment of influence of an ad in real time. It helps marketers to optimise their programmatic decisions and improve them over the course of a campaign.
Simon Hayhurst, SVP of products and business development, Rocket Fuel, says:

“Cross device is the first step in the next generation of digital advertising, which extends the benefit of programmatic everywhere — across all channels and devices, including wearables, and in the future, the Internet of things and beyond. The days of an advertiser approaching a campaign in a siloed, channel-by-channel and device-centric manner are over, replaced by a significantly higher-performing, customer-centric approach that offers the ability to manage across the entire customer journey. With Rocket Fuel’s AI-based optimization, marketers can now reach an individual at the moment of influence on the most appropriate device with the right message to achieve their campaign goals.”

Cross-device capability will be available in North America immediately and globally by the end of 2015.

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