RNTS Media acquires Heyzap to strengthen mobile ad product offering

Anne Freier | December 28, 2015

Mobile Advertising

rnts media heyzap
Heyzap, the mobile ad provider for app developers, has recently been acquired by RNTS Media, the global investment company, for $45m including its potential earn-out.
Heyzap provides mobile ad serving tools for cross promotion
Source: heyzap.com
Heyzap provides a B2B supply-side platform to enable app developers to monetise their ad inventory, in addition to providing mediation, cross promotion and user acquisition services. The company says it has over 5,000 app marketers use its service, running a revenue of over $13m. Under the management of RNTS Media it expects to more than double its ad revenues to reach $20m in 2016.
Having added mobile ad service Fyber to its portfolio in 2014, RNTS Media expects a strong mobile product offering with the addition of Heyzap. Andreas Bodczek, Chief Executive Officer, RNTS Media, confirmed in an interview with VentureBeat this summer that the company was looking to become a supply-side platform to help build and monetise products.
Heyzap launched in October 2014 and is likely to remain an independent company from RNTS Media.

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