Revcontent rolls out performance-based mobile technology

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Native ad network, Revcontent, has rolled out a new performance-based mobile technology, Revcontent Mobile Toaster, designed to help increase mobile performance and user engagement for its advertising partners.
Revcontent launches Mobile Toaster to keep mobile users engaged
Chris Maynard, VP of Engineering, Revcontent says:

“We built Revcontent Mobile Toaster to be a non intrusive solution for mobile users, that allows publishers to supplement their current content recommendations. We’re excited to offer publishers a solution to the problem of ads that disrupt the user experience.”

Revcontent Mobile Toaster aims to keep mobile users engaged by recommending new content once a user scrolls up on piece of existing content. Driven by its internal social driven algorithms, the type of content that is recommended is specific to the individual user, providing a more seamless and uninterrupted experience. Ultimately, a smoother user experience benefits publishers and users alike. Once a consumer engages with the content, they are encouraged to continue exploring. The company says it has already seen publishers boost RPMs and increase their campaign’s performance.
Richard Iwanik-Marques, Vice President of Marketing at Revcontent, says:

“Revcontent Mobile Toaster will drive publisher’s performance up exponentially. By keeping the user experience clear and non-disruptive, readers will continue engaging on the site. It’s another step in our team’s dedication to serving our partner needs and providing cutting-edge technology to optimize every step of the content recommendation process.”

Revcontent has kept busy launching a range of tools over the past few months. The company hired Rick Landsman as CTO and released Revcontent version 2 in May 2015.

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