Return on ad spend made easy – TUNE launches Multiverse

Reporting return on ad spend (ROAS) is still a problem for many mobile marketers, with processes either too complicated or analytics not easily accessible. Now, TUNE, the mobile marketing company, has launched Multiverse – a standalone product that helps marketers determine their ROAS across all their channels. TUNE says the product has already been integrated with over 100 advertising partners.
TUNE releases Multiverse
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TUNE will run a free public beta for its Marketing Console clients who also use Attribution Analytics. Over the coming months, marketers will then be able to aggregate their data for free coming from other attribution providers.
Peter Hamilton, CEO of TUNE, explains the need for Multiverse:
peter hamilton

“We definitely saw how much marketers love the simplified reporting you can get from Singular and we knew we could do it better. Marketers are faced with the choice of logging into every platform and combining spreadsheets or paying for something like Singular in order to get the insights they need. We realized that as a big data company, TUNE can provide this type of aggregation at no cost to the marketer, while also providing a more granular and accurate solution for return on ad spend.”

Multiverse has been built to make it easier for marketers to get a good overview of the cost of their campaigns. In other words: are the mobile web and app results they’re seeing worth the spend?
Most platforms predict spend to match data sets. However, Multiverse provides a more accurate and granular connection between ad partners and attribution providers.
Bryan Nisperos, Director of User Acquisition at Napster/Rhapsody International, adds:
bryan nisperos

“We use TUNE Marketing Console as our attribution and mobile acquisition platform, so it made perfect sense for us to work with them in beta to ensure that Multiverse enhances our ability to measure ROAS and consolidate spend data into one source without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and data look ups. It is an incredible advantage to have it all in one place and for the data to be so accurate.”

The sign-up process is easy. Marketers simply use the onboarding experience to enter credentials of various ad networks and platforms they use for mobile campaigns. Their accounts are then synced with Multiverse and the platform integrates ad spend data in real-time. This means, advertisers have instant insight into their ROAS.
Lucas Brown, Co-Founder of TUNE, says:
lucas brown

“My brother and I love building new products more than anything. The challenge of measuring ROAS and consolidating spend data into one source was extremely interesting, because it made us consider the strengths that TUNE already has today and how we could leverage those to create a better way of calculating returns on mobile. We have enjoyed working with so many advertising and marketing partners across the industry to make Multiverse a reality, and I am thankful for the team of engineers we worked with who put in long hours and every ounce of passion. This is just the beginning, and I can’t way to go beyond our public beta because we have more insights to launch!”

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