RetailMeNot launches Mobile Attribution to add location features to mobile ad measurement

Digital offers site RetailMeNot has just rolled out Mobile Attribution for retailers and restaurant marketers to reach more defined audiences across mobile devices. The new feature analyses user action within the RetailMeNot app alongside the consumer’s geo-location to attribute footfall to sales.
RetailMeNot performance funnel
Mobile Attribution Powered by RetailMeNot - Performance Funnel (PRNewsFoto/RetailMeNot, Inc.)
Jody Goehring, VP of product, RetailMeNot, explains that the company began to utilise location in order to understand consumer shopping behaviours and attribute digital content to physical store visits. He says:
jody goehring

“Location is to mobile what the cookie is to desktop. With the majority of our users opted-in, we now have a more complete picture of the consumer shopping journey and are able to offer more relevant content to consumers within that journey.”

The new tech enhancement adds first-party data, geo-fencing, latitude-longitude data and algorithm-based smart proximity detection to measure mobile campaigns. Clients can then more effectively evaluate their in-store traffic and determine if sales can be attributed to campaigns running on RetailMeNot.
Store visits are based on aggregated, anonymised data from a sample set of users who have turned on location services. With a majority of app user having location turned on, RetailMeNot is able to provide some solid in-store attribution measurement.
Kate O’Hare, VP of marketing, Charlotte Russe, says:
kate ohare

“This new method of calculating attribution is a powerful tool for me. With the study, I can clearly see that my mobile marketing spend yielded a strong return, which is on the conservative side of the actual ROI. The combination of data, location and consumer insights helps me clearly articulate the value of mobile marketing via RetailMeNot channels on my in-store sales.”

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