Retail, technology and CPG businesses lead in outstreaming their mobile video campaigns

Anne Freier | February 10, 2016

Mobile Advertising

positive mobile
Native mobile video ad tech solutions provider, Positive Mobile, has published new figures that show how retail (19%), technology (18%) and consumer packaged goods (CPGs) (16.5%) are leading in terms of outstreaming their mobile video campaigns. In Q4 2015, they made up over 50% of all mobile video campaigns run.
Retail, tech and CPGs lead outstreaming of mobile video ads
According to Positive Mobile outstream mobile videos can be differentiated into pre-, mid- and post-roll video, placing them on mobile website feeds and apps.
Healthcare (3%), utilities (5%) as well as cosmetics (5%) scored the lowest. Given the rise in mobile banking technology and payments, financial services ranked surprisingly low at 6%.
Tzahi Stein, CEO and Founder, Positive Mobile, explains:
tzahi stein

“As this was this was Q4, finding retail and automotive along with consumer packaged goods and tech at the top of the mobile video advertising charts was no surprise. What surprised us is the relatively low ranking for travel and particularly financial services. For FinTech and mobile payments to catch on, we’ll have to see financial services advertisers lead in a mobile marketing category like mobile video. And given the growth of digital travel solutions as well as the experiential nature of travel advertising, mobile video is a natural marketing channel for this industry.”

According to eMarketer, outstream mobile video ads that play outside of video content, e.g. between text, are a solution to a lack of definition and standards related to targeting, implementing and measuring best practices among marketers. 77% of media agencies said that outstream ads are very important to their clients’ overall ad portfolios. 67% of media and publishing professionals cited variety and amount of inventory as a top reason to offer outstream video ads. User experience (60%) and increased ROI (59%) were also important factors.
Reasons to offer outstream video ads
Positive Mobile provides mobile advertising solutions for both marketers and publishers. Its RapidV technology is fully programmatic, serving billions of ad requests to help advertisers increase eCPM rates. It supports a range of media formats as well as mobile video ads, including in-content, in-stream and full-stream.

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