Remarketing is on! Google adds cross-device and location targeting features for mobile advertising campaigns

Anne Freier | September 29, 2016

Mobile Advertising

With mobile device usage expanding rapidly, consumers have begun to use their smartphones and tablets to research products online, driving the mCommerce evolution. Advertising has become a vital tool for marketers to cut through the wealth of digital retailers and reach their audience.
Now, Google has presented a series of solutions at the Advertising Week’s Time Center Stage. Among the changes, Google revealed changes to its Brand Lift product to allow marketers to view brand metrics such as awareness and purchase intent. Brand Lift has now been extended to include TV campaigns by measuring online video. The company says that YouTube generates almost twice the searches per impression than traditional TV.
Google adds TV to Brand Lift
google brand lift
Brand Lift has been around since 2011 and Google has continued to innovate the product to include better online video advertising analytics. However, it comes at a surprise that it’s taken the company this long to add TV to the mix.
In addition, Google has rolled out a location extension and store visit measurements for its Google Display Network, which helps advertisers close the gap between online and offline adverts. Businesses can utilise Google Maps to show browsing consumers or app users where their store or service centre is located.
This means that companies can immediately increase foot traffic to their store.
A Home Depot campaign using the new location extension delivered an 8x in-store ROI. Umut Dincer, Director of Online Marketing for The Home Depot, says:
umut dincer

“Mobile location extensions for display really proved their worth very quickly. We’re able to reach DIYers who are close to our stores and make a ‘just-in-time’ connection that brings them the information they really want in their I-want-to-buy-it moments.”

Lastly, Google wants to finalise the connection across all devices which people use on a regular basis, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. To do so, it has rolled out cross-device remarketing for the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager to allow companies to reach users across websites, apps and sites.
Cross-device re-marketing comes to Google’s Display Network
crossdevice_halloween-ads-loop_128.1_091616_v2 (1)
That means retailers ultimately get to retarget a single campaign and ensure a likely consumer is being reached at a time when s/he may be more likely to make a purchase.
The latest Google ad product innovations will be available from next month.

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