Reelcontent Apps lets developers auto-generate custom mobile ads

Reelcontent, a digital advertising creation and delivery service, just launched Reelcontent Apps a new self-service app advertising tool which auto-generates custom ads. It then runs them across premium mobile sites and apps and self-adjusts to increase installs.
How Reelcontent Apps works
The feature is available for less than $50 a month on the company’s easy-to-use interface.
Founded by adtech veteran Jason Glickman, former CEO and founder of Tremor Video, the solution aims to give some marketing power to smaller and independent developers who are getting lost in the App Store shuffle.
App developers are finding it harder than ever before to market their apps. In Q1 2016, 94% of all App Store revenue was made by the top 1% of publishers, i.e. those with big marketing budgets. A mere 6% of revenue was left for the other 99%.
Reelcontent says it wants to level the playing field.
When an app marketer wants to target a user by demographic, Reelcontent Apps can run programmatic app-install ads to reach those users across mobile sites and apps. It offers a broad reach, starting from 2,000 people per month on the Starter subscription. Creatives and layouts for ads are available. In addition, the platform’s algorithm self-optimises and dynamic API auto-updates make it easier to change an ad at any time. Reelcontent Apps also provide analytics and reporting.
Users can start off on a two-week free trial to reach up to 1,000 potential app users.

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