Reddit adds app install and Conversion Pixel mobile ad options

Anne Freier | February 19, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Reddit, the social news platform, has just expanded its advertising options to include app installs as a campaign objective and Ads Conversion Pixel which provides better tracking and measurement features.

That means the company now provides five campaign objectives including reach, video, traffic, conversion and app installs.

The extensions build on Reddit’s previous ad offering – the CPC ad, which it launched a few weeks ago.

App install ads have been specifically added for mobile advertisers looking to boost their mobile user base. Clients can opt for bid per click and then simply select the option from within their campaign objective dashboard and Reddit will adjust ad performance to drive App Store visits accordingly.

Mobile Reddit users are then targeted using native ads.

The company added that it had expanded its reporting tools accordingly by integrating with major providers including Adjust, Tune, Appsflyer, Kochava, Tenjin, Singular and Branch.

Furthermore, Reddit launched improved Conversion Pixel. Previously, Conversion Pixel was able to track just one conversion event and wouldn’t allow users to configure the attribution window.

The updated version includes tracking of eight conversion events such as page visits, view content, search, add to cart, add to wishlist, purchase, lead and sign up. It also lists view-through and click-through conversions separately and shows 1, 7 or 28-day conversion rates in a new tab.

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