Receptiv launches three-level guarantee for brand safe mobile video inventory

With mobile ad spending in 2018 expected to rise to $147 billion, viewability, fraud and safety issues are becoming growing concerns for marketers. In addition, brands are faced with having to source ever more mobile content environments that audiences can value.
Now, Receptiv the mobile video ad platform, has just announced a three-tier guarantee to ensure that mobile video inventory is reliable, industry-first and brand safe.
The Receptiv Reliable, Safe, Engaged (RSE) guarantee improves mobile ad campaigns to meet industry standards including a 90% viewability score, less than 2% invalid traffic and non-human traffic as well as 100% brand safety for managed service campaigns.
Receptov has established a network of partners including MOAT, comScore, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, and TAG to help ensure RSE. All mobile web impressions also include ads.txt to ensure direct to publisher relationships.

Ari Brandt, CEO of Receptiv, explains

“With ad fraud on pace to become a $50M problem in the next 10 years, and declining viewability scores, brands are demanding that their ad dollars are being spent on impressions that you can see; and that those impressions are being viewed by a human in a positive environment that doesn’t contradict the message.”

As part of its benchmarks, the RSE ensures that safe media is only served across environments which exclude content that is violent, lewd or otherwise objectionable.
For full brand safety, publishers go through a three-step process to be included in Receptiv’s network.
First, they complete both Apple and Google App Store vetting process and approval. Secondly, publisher fulfill Receptiv’s evaluation process to assess content, maintenance and engagement for overall health of environment. And lastly, they include ads.txt in compliance with IAB Tech Labs to ensure no counterfeit mobile web inventory is being spread.
According to the company, its in-app network frequency and session duration earns brands 286% greater favourability and engagement rates.  Key partnerships here include comScore and AppAnnie.

“Our rigorous evaluation process and partners like ComScore combine for a network made entirely of reliable, safe inventory that meets the audience where and when they’re most engaged, so the real value of this guarantee is in the confidence and security we can offer agencies and the brands they represent,” Ari adds

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