Reasons Why You Need to Do SWOT Analysis before Developing Mobile Apps 

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Posted: March 20, 2018

For those who are unaware of the term. SWOT comes as a straight marketing term which brings together four measuring factors, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat, to test the eligibility and determine potential of a product or venture in the market. SWOT analysis can make a difference in the mobile app development space and help you achieve better results for your mobile app venture. But, how?

Well, SWOT has a far-reaching impact in making your app respond better to the market trends and reaching your audiences better. It can also help extensively in translating and aligning business frameworks and practicing resources well with the application product. On the top of all, it helps you plan your product in accordance with the market tendencies, value propositions, domain perspectives and as per the relative stand of the product against competition.

How SWOT analysis helps you with better mobile app development results?

SWOT analysis is considered as one great research and examination tool to find out to what extent different factors and situations are under your control. So, that you can drive possibilities, resources and support well in your favor. This also lets you get a quite much of idea of how effectively you will be able to execute your ideas and how will the results be in the end, before you even start with mobile app development.

With SWOT analysis, you can aim to get the hold of different perspectives of rewards and deficits in reference with different sets of pros and cons. As you are able to explore and compare different possibilities and potentials, pondering over different aspects of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to mobile app development.

How should it be approached?

When you are aiming to do SWOT Analysis of your mobile app, you need to treat it just like any other product, whether online or offline. This assures you of going with the well-tested and proven format that SWOT analysis generally puts up with.

Here, the best way to do it is to tweak it a bit it adapt to your requirements and preferences. This can be done by picking up strengths and opportunities assigning them value and scores relatively using weighs on a scale of 10. Further, just consider those are direct threats/opportunities avoiding the ones with indirect implications, when you have enough backup or leverage to deal with the sideline challenges. Such, additions and alteration to SWOT analysis can be of great help if you have unique and discreet propositions to deal with.

Real-life scenario referring to opportunities and threats in mobile app development 

Putting it into a real-life scenario, explaining different opportunities and threats in the space of mobile app development, can help you amplify and understand things better. Let’s take an example of a food delivery app. suppose, you are a seasoned restaurateur and looking to venture into a food delivery solution for local users. Here, even before you sketch the outline of your app and get started with the functional wireframing, you need to first look into what your existing competitors are doing. For instance, you can look into the Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats, delivery services in your area. Study their servicing model and their USPs. This will give you the flavor of the competition you are going to face and thus you will be able to find out how much of threat you have from these businesses and would be able to deal with them accordingly.
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Once you have worked out options to answer the threats you will be able to reach the quantum of approaches and features that you need to have in order to stand well against those performance threats.

Now, as you explore more of market propositions that prevail and co-exist in the operating ecosystem, you will be able to find out what opportunities you have around and how you can get them work in your favor. In the case of restaurant app development, you have opportunities in the form of novelty deals and innovative offerings that existing players do not offer as yet. Also, here you can leverage on latest mobile technology and OS resources to let your users have better experience with delivery services using finest of interfacing options.

These two together can help you reach finest of ideas to implement in your app in the form of latest opportunity-driven features and threat-proof approaches – on which you can build highly productive app wireframes and communication structures.

Real-life scenario referring to strengths and weaknesses in mobile app development

When you are building your app, you must look well into the existing and potential strength of yours as a food delivery service. This would allow you to embed modules and features that use your capabilities and plusses most efficiently. Also, with this you will be able to frame a communication system that best proposes your strength to your users, so that your food delivery forte is conveyed and received in the best possible manner.

This will help you to build an authentic mobile app that best refers to your performing strengths and is conceived and designed well with just the right attributes and elements in best accord and collaboration with best matching services and technology support.

Further, just like you detect and define your strengths, you have to find out and analyze your weaknesses. Knowing the parts of your business you are not able to raise and deliver well, you would be able to work out on mobile-friendly options to serve and cover up those limitations. This may include something like accessibility to a certain order groups (like non-vegetarians and mid-night orders) as you don’t have proper reach to such services. You can build your app with the theme and features that target more of the category of users that fall in your service area.

Also, if you think that you are not able to invest much on your own fleet of vehicles, you can plan it to hire services from different delivery partners and add and blend that entire module of offering into your food delivery mobile app beforehand.

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SWOT analysis can go a long distance in defining success with your mobile app venture. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to plan and execute it step-by-step, carefully taking notes of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – putting them into a grid matrix that compares them together to bring out all-inclusive idea of building the right app for your business. This should also help you in deriving best answers to your user needs and market propensities looking at a wider aspect of possibilities and practices to make things go work in your favor. Hence, it is always advised to get your SWOT analysis done before you develop your mobile app or otherwise it would end up getting the same results as in the case of any other venture that goes without SWOT.

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