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Partner Post - Ready4S Mobile Apps for Startups

Posted: February 9, 2016

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Ready4S provides mobile app development solutions and operates internationally from three different offices in New York (USA), Poole (UK) and Cracow (Poland). Started as a challenge two friends wanted to face by creating a booking platform in Poland (, Ready4S is today a fast-growing company offering businesses everything they need to create a great app., the first app created by Ready4S founders


The first step of the development process when working with Ready4S is the market analysis, to make sure business expectations and actual market conditions coincide. The second step is setting a detailed strategy to unify technical perspective and concept, as well as to agree the timetable and deadlines with the client. At the end of this stage, the software development begins and UX/UI is considered as an important part of the process. Everything is also carefully tested. When the app is finally ready, Ready4S will then upload it to the app distribution platforms (Google Play or App Store).

The app Travel by Art, developed by Ready4S


With more than 50 completed projects, Ready4S has worked with some of the leading brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Roche and Crédit Agricole, and provided solutions to over 45 clients spread across three continents.

You can find out more about how to turn your idea into a mobile success with Ready4S here.