How to Rank Your App Higher in the App Store

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Partner Post - ASOtop1 Boost App Keywords Ranking in App Store

Posted: May 13, 2016

Marlyn Ma has been an experienced technical writer for years, proficient in SEO and ASO. Now, she works as SEO manager and chief editor, focusing on developing websites and blogs to deliver exceptional results to global readers by leveraging the power of Internet.
There are more than 2 million mobile apps you can find in the major online app stores and that makes getting your app noticed quite a problem. As such, App Store Optimization or simply ASO plays a crucial role in your mobile app marketing. It’s important to understand that there are multiple methods which you can use to effectively market your app and one of them is ASO. The focus of App Store Optimization is:

  • Putting the most important keyword of your app in the title
  • Optimizing your app icon and screenshots so it can grab attention
  • Using related keywords to your app in the description

This way, you can boost app search ranking significantly. The thing is, most people uses keywords when searching the app they want in App Store. This is just similar concept when you are looking for anything in Google or Yahoo. In boosting your app’s rank, you can use ASOtop1, a tool you can effectively use to raise your app’s ranking. If you can boost app ranking in the search results, it will bring dozens of times of downloads than before.
ASOtop1 App Store Optimization service provider
Lastly, one of the things that can affect your ranking and of course the number of your app downloads is the reviews. The opinions of your customers are your biggest marketing material and with that, you have to ensure that your app works at top condition. This way, your customers will really feel inclined to give positive feedback. is one of the sites you can use with its trusted promotion service. Thousands of app developers use this site to test and rate their apps. You can also use it so that you can:

  • Successfully lead customers to give reviews for your app
  • Learn ways to get good ratings & reviews

The fact is, ratings and reviews can greatly affect your app’s ranking and influence your consumer’s decision whether to download your app or not. In that case, you really have to work on optimizing your app, not only the look but the technical details as well. Remember to create a mobile app marketing campaign focused on getting more traffic to your app page and that your app can have more downloads.
It is the reality that most mobile app publishers don’t invest optimizing their app page. They don’t know that ASO is their secret weapon to have more downloads on their page. To make it all worthwhile and so that ASO can effectively raise your rank is to do it regularly. This way, it can have meaningful impact and thus contribute to your overall success.
Here is how you can rank your app higher in major app stores. Don’t think that simply publishing your app is enough to get downloads. Marketing applies to this as well and that means you have to come up with the right plan to make it all work out. Fortunately for you, you can make use of App Store Optimization to make all your app goals a realization in no time.
To know more about ASOtop1 and how its team helps developers to optimize their iOS apps to increase their discoverability on the App Store visit their website.

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